Straight Truth

We believe in one God, who framed and created the world and everything in it from nothing, and in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. He was the only begotten Son of God, born of the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary. He was the Lamb of God, Giver of life, and is the Redeemer for all mankind. We uphold that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are manifestation of the one true God and they dwell in him.

We believe that all mankind must repent of sin, be born again by baptism in Jesus name and be regenerated by receiving God’s gift to all men, the Holy Ghost.

We believe that our lives should reflect the life of Jesus Christ in the world today. And that we should be Ambassadors of the Kingdom we desire to inherit.

We believe in living a pure and consistent life as the Holy Ghost perfects each day. We maintain that the Lord will judge the living and dead, and Jesus Christ will return to receive a people who have prepared themselves for His coming.